What is VASOC MEGA Matriz Legal?
It is the only On Line system that allows multiple legal database services according to the requirements of ISO standards, results of integrated audits, supplier audits and documentary control backed by information security mechanisms.

What is the purpose of VASOC MEGA® Matriz Legal?
Vasoc Mega serves to effectively manage legal obligations, making them evident against third parties.
Enable compliance traceability by establishing the scope of your responsibility.
Systematize the documentation of your organization in an integral and effective way.

How does VASOC MEGA® Matriz Legal work?
Through the design and implementation of matrices tailored to the needs of your company.
We have standardized models of matrices:
VASOC MEGA® Legal Matriz® for Environment, Hygiene and Occupational Health and Safety.
VASOC MEGA OyPC® [Works and Plans, Constructions]
VASOC MEGA RSC® [Corporate Social Responsibility]
VASOC MEGA CyL® [Purchases and Tenders]
VASOC MEGA DL® [Labor Law and Hygiene and Safety]
VASOC MEGA EE® [Energy Efficiency]
VASOC MEGA® [Corporate Protocols]

For your mobile
VASOC MEGA® APP is the first Legal Matriz designed for mobile devices that allows the consultation of the applicable legislation, updated at all times.
VASOC MEGA® E-LEARNING brings you the future of training, today!
Free distance training because the time to learn is now.

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